Makeup Graduation



Some things and maybe a lot of things that really should be prepared and noticed before the graduation. Of course for graduation time looks not only beautiful but also elegant and elegant. We give the tips just for you the prospective graduates ..

• Because the graduation is in the event during the day, choose l kebaya WITH soft warnan do not warana too bright and, examples of pastel colors are cool in the eyes, and also avoid using excessive sequins that give the impression excessive as the marriage

• Try to wear long torso / bustir so that your body looks more robust and shaped or can use a camisole to disguise your body shape because the camisole can give a slender effect for the body fat and effects contained for a thin-bodied .. For a wide body with a sleeve Big, do not wear kebaya model that on the arm looks empty or skin color. For a thin body, use of obi, can make you a little more because the purpose of obi who cut the volume of clothes into 2 concentrations.

• To subordinate the ideal jarik is a 'bebet', the fit is fit and looks elegant, but very complicated and this model is not liked by the prospective graduates. If the tailor asked for a skirt model ready to use with zipper behind. For the motive is again the trend of using a skirt with songket cloth or modern batik motif.

• For makeup, it's very important, makeup should be natural makeup, simple just do not be too thick and use a dark color because you will look like a clown face. Not to mention the graduation until noon so choose the makeup that is durable. For long lasting makeup tips, simpe and nautral. For eye shadow adjust to the clothes but not the eye-catching color. For eyelashes do not wear eyelashes are too dense and long because it will give the impression of excited.

• For the hair do, the usual bun but should be bunled, do not just poked aja or in booth, the important remains bun let look elegant. For those of you who have long hair can wear with your own hair.

• For the berhijab, hijab style model which is again the trend layer shape. Do not apply with piles of hijab and many colors and accessories. Enough 2 hijab 2 colors only. Should daleman jilbab or inner jilbab wearing a ninja ciput model, so that it can close the hair to the neck with a meeting, it would be nice to select the ciput behind his zipper because it looks neat and hair does not come out-out. Oiya avoid wearing rags that are too high because later will trouble in wearing a toga hat and you will also be dizzy and sultry considering the graduation ceremony run long enough.

• For shoes, do not use heels that are too high if not usual when walking forward to receive a diploma and shift the rope toga, then you even fall and embarrassed. Use do not shoe closed, wear open model shoes because it will give the impression of elegance. Adjust shoe color with kebaya color you wear.

Examples of heels shoes for graduation, there is a rope hook on the back makes you more comfortable when walking and heels are not too high and natural colors suitable for any kebaya color

• Because the graduation procession is long, prepare the tissue and face paper, so when you swelter and your face begin to oily, just rub it slowly do not rub too hard, especially in the swab then pulled because your makeup will be uneven again.